• Renovations


      You can count on our work being completed to the highest standards of workmanship from the start of your home renovation to its completion.

    • New Construction

      New Construction

      When it comes to choosing an electrician to wire your home, quality and trust should never be compromised.

    • Hot Tub and A/C Installations

      Hot Tub and A/C Installations

      Installing a hot tub or air conditioner is a very technical process. It is important that you hire a licensed professional to ensure the project runs seamlessly and you receive a thorough system installation. 

    • Aluminium Wiring Upgrades

      Aluminium Wiring Upgrades

      We offer affordable and reliable upgrading for aluminum wiring.

    • Panel Upgrades

      Panel Upgrades

      We offer electrical panels to improve safety.

    • 24-Hour Emergency Service

      24-Hour Emergency Service

      Positive Power Electrical Services can reduce or eliminate un-planned costly system failures do to faulty electrical distribution and power systems.

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